I’m mulling over a few fabrics

I’ve been following a couple of Australian blogs…and I love the look of their quilts…all those hot, bright colors used with white….so, I have pulled fabrics for my own quilt…the first photo are the ones I think I’m going to use…the second photo is additional fabrics that I might use. 

I’m not sure about the bright pink in the middle, the floral to it’s left and the orange that is 4th from the left…I’m okay with all the others.

In this batch,  I’m just not sure…I’m really liking the wavy stripes in the blue and the others might work…or not.

Any suggestions?

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “I’m mulling over a few fabrics

  1. Lose the dark green and keep the rest in the 2nd picture. Haven’t figured out the first picture yet….. Depends on what you plan to make whether the dark pink would work or not.

    • I’m thinking I want some orange, but that’s not the right shade. I’m thinking brighter, more intense color!

      I agree about the dark green in photo #2. I don’t like the black in that one.

  2. The orange needs to go, too dull against the other fabrics. The dark pink looks good. I think all the fabs in the 2nd photo will work. The dark green appears to coordinate with the green on the far right in the 1st photo. I’d have to see them all together to be sure though.

    • The orange is gone, lol. I’m looking at several more vibrant oranges to add…the dark green is a coordinate, but I don’t like the black in it…so it’s probably not going to be included. I’ll take another photo when I get through switching the fabrics around.

  3. I can’t possibly decide from the photos so just mail them all to me and I’ll decide….. and mail them back?? Well you’ll just have to take your chances.

    • Like that’s going to happen :-) NOT!

      Think I’ve just about decided which line up of fabrics….now to play with them a little and make a final decision. You know how hard it is for me with so few fabrics….