Day tripping

Another weekend…it started lazy. I stayed in bed till almost 9AM!!! Took me till 10:30 to get showered and dressed. Then it was pile into the van and head for Abilene. Time for kitty supplies…that means a trip to Sams. Stops at Home Depot (more clamps for the HQ16), Hancocks (needed a ruler), Walmart (girl has to have coffee) and a quick burger at DQ. After all that, we were headed home.

Spent time hiking the back 40 looking for the elusive wild Texas Verbena …only found a few sprigs. Last year, we had lots.  I scoped out where I want to scatter blue bonnet seeds this Fall.  Ernie caught me as I was coming back to the gate.  He was carrying the 410 and fussing at me for being out in the high grass without it…it’s prime snake time. This part of Texas is noted for Rock Rattlers, Diamondback Rattlers, Copperheads and Water Mocassins.  Fortunately, I had Floppsy the cat with me and we didn’t encounter any slithering critters.

We mixed more potting mix and planted a tomato plant in the Topsy Turvy  planter.  This will be year 4…and so far, we’ve never gotten more than 2 tomatoes!  If it’s not better this year, then this thing goes in the garbage! 

The “Perfumed Beauty” Hybrid Tea Rose is full of fat buds…it is the most fragrant rose we’ve ever grown.    Three of our 7 roses are in bloom. 

The “Mr. Lincoln” will be blooming by this time next week.  Not sure about the other 2 varieties. 

Coffee on the deck watching the sun set completed the day’s agenda.   Since then,  we’ve had dinner, done laundry, checked email and fed the kitties.  Now it’s time for bed!

Susan ~ Patchkat 


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