From the garden ~

The flowers have been absolutely gorgeous this Spring.  Must be all the rain, the cooler weather and the sunshine…This is the Russian Sage in full bloom.   I think if you’re planning to harvest, that you shouldn’t let it flower and seed, but it’s so pretty…how could you not love these dainty little flowers?

The yellow climber rose is outdoing itself this year.  Last year after we planted it, it had 2 blooms.  This year, it’s covered!

These are the prettiest little roses.   They are dark coral/orange buds, open to coral/pink blooms and when fully opened, they’re like this one!   Look at those gorgeous shades of peach, apricot and yellow….and they smell nice too. This bloom is about 3.5″ across.

This is one of the dark purple iris.  I think the originals came from WWanda many years ago…this bloom was almost 7″ tall from the top tip to the bottom of the falls.   Beautiful!

That’s it for tonight’s tour of the gardens.  The tomatoes, peppers, onions and aspargus are all doing quite well.  We’ve harvested our first decent crop of asparagus and have tomatoes on the vines!

Hope it all makes and our weather holds.  I’d love to have a need for the dehydrator this year :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat



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