The pictures…

Joanne is the first one to send her photos, so I’ll post hers first!  Here we have the bunkhouse and a sleepy WWanda.

Next,  the sewing room.  This was before we loaded WWanda’s quilts, lol.  It got much, MUCH messier.

Barbara and Sandy at the cutting and pressing stations.   Ernie made us a  “Big Board” and it worked wonderfully well :-) 

Grilled chicken for dinner!

WWanda, Susan, Ernie, Barbara and Sandy …  Joanne taking photos. 

Here we are in Santa Anna…shopping! Did you smell the burning plastic???

1st photo,  Sandy, me, Barbara, WWanda

2nd photo, Sandy, me, Barbara and Joanne.

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “The pictures…

  1. looks like a wonderful retreat !!!, I had forgot about the bunkhouse, that looks perfect for a gathering . fun fun fun

  2. Sleeps 4 in relative comfort, lol…Satellite TV, A/C….not that anyone had time for anything but sleep, ROFLOL!