An evening of fun!

We’ve got one MOH quilt quilted, 2 quilt tops finished.  Joanne is working on ribbon embroidery blocks and WWanda is doing applique iris for a challenge quilt.  Ernie grilled chicken to go with the broccoli salad that Barbara and I made last night.  WWanda brought fresh asparagus and there was fresh bread.  Yum!

Wonder what these two are plotting?  Ernie has been picking on WWanda and he blamed it on Denise for NOT being here to take the heat off WWanda!

Barbara and Joanne hard at work amidst WWanda’s mess.  Hee hee hee…she rivals Sheryl in spreading out!

Back to my quilting!

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “An evening of fun!

    • Ha ha….she’s working on the most wonderful guild challenge quilt…can’t wait to get some photos of it when she’s done.

  1. Sorry Wanda – wish I was there so Ernie could pick on me! LOL Hi Barbara, Wanda, Sandy and Joanne – have a great time. Make Susan take some show and tell photos so we can see what you’re working on! Have fun!

    • We’ll do show and tell tomorrow for you! Some really pretty pieces in the sewing room tonight!