Stapler…What a frustration

You know those big heavy duty staplers…the kind that shoot 1/2″ long staples…I’ve spent the last hour trying to use one.  Is there some macho trick?  Ernie made a big board for the ironing board.  I’ve padded and added a fabric cover.  I managed to get enough staples in one end so I could pull the fabric taut and staple the other end.   Unfortunately,  I only seem to get the staples about 1/3 of the way into the wood.  The frustration level is mounting rapidly.  I remembered having upholstry type tacks for the last one I made…so a search of the sewing room turned up a handful.  I’ve now got both ends secured and the corners tacked down.   I found 4 more tacks and have 2 on each long side.  Maybe when Ernie wakes up from his after dinner nap, he can get real staples into that cover and the wood.  I’m seeing red and done for tonight! 

Susan ~ Patchkat


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