The iris are blooming :-)

Have I mentioned that iris are one of my favorite flowers?   I wait and wait for them to bloom and am sad when they quit.   But for now,   I’m happy.  I have 4 different areas blooming.   These are my early guys.  The yellows… 

There are 3 shades of purples in the front yard,  only 2 are blooming now.  The 3rd one won’t bloom for several more weeks.

and one of my favorite dainty flowers…the purple pincushion flower!  

Hopefully, this pot will be full of pincushions before too long.  When they’re in full bloom, they had little hairy “pins” sticking out of the centers.

Susan ~ Patchkat

2 responses to “The iris are blooming :-)

  1. The irises are gorgeous but the pincushions are one of my favorites. Shouldn’t every quilter have some of those in their garden. Alas, we had snow this morning – no blooming flowers here. :-)

    • The pincushion is blooming it’s silly head off! The older blooms have the “pins” now. I just love those little flowers.