Christ is alive in our lives…Easter is the celebration

Got everyone up, fed, dressed and headed off for Church on Easter.  Ernie gave the children’s service relating the story of the Three Trees.  Not familiar with it?  Nice read for children.   After services, we had an Easter Egg Hunt…and what fun the kids had!     Here’s a shot of Adrienne and her basket.  She obviously had a good hunt!

Allison and Reed had full baskets too.   Some of the kids ran out of room in their baskets.

A group shot.  Notice there is only 1 boy in attendence.  All the other boys were visiting THEIR families!   Reed in a sea of girls, lol! 

Home to ham dinner  and a sampling of coconut cream pie from the BVFD baked goods auction.

And of course,  we have to take family pics.   Stacie and Lane

Ernie and I looking fat and sassy!

Think that’s it for our Easter.  The kids piled in their vehicle and headed home…we picked our couches and took naps. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


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