BVFD BBQ was a success!

We had about 160 people in attendance, drew for about 100 doorprizes, and auctioned off 2 tables full of yummy baked goods.   Here, the guys are starting to unload all the donated door prizes.  They filled 2 tables, the wall and the floor!

The kids enjoyed climbing all over the fire trucks…of course, these are OUR grandchildren, lol. This is Allison and Reed on the IH truck. 

I donated a quilt for auction.   

This is one from several internet swaps many years ago…JudyL quilted the diagonals for me and I hand quilted cloverleafed hearts in all the white spaces.  I am pleased with what it went for :-)    I’ll have to make one for next year’s fundraiser.  I’m running out of quilts I’m willing to donate.  Hated donating this one, but I’d promised a quilt.

All in all,  was a great dinner and we made a bunch of $$ to go towards the building of the firehouse.   That’s what it’s all about!

Susan ~ Patchkat 


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