Merry-Go-Geese BOM

will be a little late.   Denise is wrapped up in a paying project and we’ll need to wait a few days till she’s done.  I’ll post as soon as May is loaded!

Susan ~ Patchkat


Kitty love is running high tonight :-)

This is a nightly routine.  PB has to get on Ernie and love him up…first, we start with soft cheek rubs….

Next, she does little head butt rubs under his chin.  She loves her Ernie.  No doubt in anyone’s mind whose kitty she is!

Lastly,  she looks to see if I’m watching!   I get that “what are you looking at?” look.   She’s very jealous if Ernie shows me any attention at all.

We are owned by a houseful of neurotic cats!  And love most every minute.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Wwanda’s photos have arrived!

Wwanda just got her photos printed and scanned to me…she took more of the bluebonnets…they’re so gorgeous!   She took this photo in Echo, TX…a tiny little burg that has a Volunteer Fire Dept, a church, the Aerial Spray company…and not much else.   This was the old church and parsonage.   Look at that yard full of bluebonnets! 

Here’s a nice one of Barbara in the bluebonnets!

Wwanda also snapped a picture of our sous chef, Mr. Ernie in his kitchen making coffee.  He kept our coffee pots full, note the bread rising on the stove!      

The bread was cinnamon raisin and was quite yummy!

and then there was shopping at Susie’s Quilt Shop in Brownwood…and I couldn’t turn down a single fabric!  Here are Barbara and I going through a FQ bin.  I was once known as the FQ Queen.

Joanne and Sandy were looking at Cynthia England kits and talking about classes and such…Susie’s is a lovely shop and Stacy couldn’t have been anymore accommodating.

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Old westerns and trivia fodder

Lots of stuff going on at work today…we closed our month out, YEAH!   That went well.   Always dread close out with rents and all the accounting stuff.   Mind is fried tonight and I’m in need of entertainment. 

This was sent by a friend and if you’re a lover of old westerns, sitcoms, movies…check out this fun link.   Made me smile :-) 

Ernie spent his day under the riding lawn tractor.   Too windy to water, but the  blackberries are blooming and the tomatoes are growing.  Sadly,  the tomatoes in the big buckets have black spots on the leaves…something like blight.  

We’ll have to start spraying them this weekend to see if we can save them.  All the Heritage tomatoes planted directly in the ground look good and the peppers are starting to form blooms.

Susan ~ Patchkat

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Check out the ruffled Iris…wish I knew what flavor they are!

Isn’t this a beauty…too bad the wind knocked them to the ground.

I’m making notes in my garden notebook so I’ll know where they are come dividing time.  They’re crowded in with yellow and purple iris.

While prowling around the side pasture,  I stumbled upon a patch of wild Texas Verbena….so we haven’t lost all our wildflowers!   Can you tell I”m partial to purple flowers?   I just love these little guys…they wave in the breezes and are very dainty looking.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Perfumed Delight

I had to share…our first Perfumed Delight (Hybrid Tea Rose) for 2010 has opened!  The smell is wonderful…the petals are really firm and pretty. 

The yellow climber rose has bloomed it’s head off.   I love the color changes the blooms go through…here is the last color before the petals drop.  The buds start off orangy red, open to yellow with coral, end as pink with yellow centers.  The smell lovely and are so pretty to look at….wish I had planted another bush or two!

Susan ~ Patchkat

I’m mulling over a few fabrics

I’ve been following a couple of Australian blogs…and I love the look of their quilts…all those hot, bright colors used with white….so, I have pulled fabrics for my own quilt…the first photo are the ones I think I’m going to use…the second photo is additional fabrics that I might use. 

I’m not sure about the bright pink in the middle, the floral to it’s left and the orange that is 4th from the left…I’m okay with all the others.

In this batch,  I’m just not sure…I’m really liking the wavy stripes in the blue and the others might work…or not.

Any suggestions?

Susan ~ Patchkat