WINDY~ isn’t the word

We’re blowing away!   I’m sure I’m watching the neighboring counties trash blowing across our yard.  

In spite of it all,  we planted a couple of tomato plants.    I noticed the Sweet 100s (which are still in the little nursery pot) are already flowering.  Maybe tomorrow I will find the energy to get them into a larger tub.  We love the little cherry and grape tomatoes.  Great for snacks and to pop into salads.

Nope…I didn’t stop with pics of tomato plants, lol.    There are the herb buckets…this is their 4th year.  They stay outside with no protection through the winter and they look pretty happy.  Top left is Russian Sage.  front corner of that tub has a little wad of oregano.  Middle pot is Silver Lemon thyme, bucket on the right has Greek Oregano and Lavendar.  At the very top right of photo is a little patch of Coriander!  I plan to dry leaves in the dehydrator this year.

Moving out of the garden,  there is a fence with Yellow Jasmine.   This is the first year it’s actually bloomed.  Poor thing is overshadowed by Pecan and Hackberry trees. 

In another week,  the Hackberry will shade it too much to bloom.  As you can see,  the Hackberry below is already starting to “leaf”.

Shame as the jasmine smells so nice.

 Last garden photo for today…the pretty little Redbud that we planted last year.  We planted 2, but the other one isn’t doing very well.  

This one is a day away from being absolutely stunning! 

I can’t wait till it’s about 15′ tall and covered in beautiful pinky-purple blooms.  We planted it in an area that will eventually have lilies, zinnias, cosmos and other long blooming flowers.   The new rosebushes will be in the same area.  

There you have a quick tour around the garden and yard!

Susan ~ Patchkat 


2 responses to “WINDY~ isn’t the word

  1. Wow 6 UFO’s done and all that stash busted, that is great. I hope to keep on working through my pile of quilt tops to get finished.

    • I have about 20 tops to quilt and 5 quilted but not bound…and all that stash to be busted. Slowly but surely, it will be done!