Let there be light!!!

Ernie finished wiring the lights in the sewing room last night…YEAH!!!  It is better than broad daylight in there now :-)  

Watching him, I thought about a post on JudyL’s blog the other day…about husbands who don’t care if their clothes are holey or ripped…I had to agree as Ernie has two ancient pink shirts that he loves…even though the cuffs and collars ard threadbare and the elbows are ripped out.  He’s wearing one of them almost daily.   Sure enough… I got the camera and snapped this quick!   He  * LOVES * his old comfy shirts.

Maybe tonight,  I’ll snap a photo of the room all lit up!  I worked out there a little last night and it was so good to have enough light to even see back in my closet!  It’s nice having a handyman hubby!  Ernie does good work :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Let there be light!!!

  1. I think I recognize that shirt! Lol. Yes, it’s handy to have a handy hubby. I love mine!