It’s Monday ~ Design Wall Monday

well…design TABLE Monday at our house :-)

Can you see where I’m going with those red strippy blocks from last week?   For all who offered an opinion…THANK YOU!  I love the reds with the black!  This is the beginning of  “Woven Dreams”.    I am still sewing strips to the red strips, but wanted to post what I have decided…with YOUR help.


6 responses to “It’s Monday ~ Design Wall Monday

  1. Dear Susan,
    Just found your page through CyberQuilters. What a beautiful life you tender, with care and activity. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to visiting with you daily.
    Sandy McCoy
    Mt. Washington, Ky.

    • Sandy, please visit and make yourself at home here! I love the blog life :-) It’s such an easy journal to refer back to for quilts I’ve made, recipes I’ve tried…or as last night…for when I need to know dates of Dr visits!

      Hope you find things to enjoy here.