A NEW goodie for Maggie Mae ~

I placed an order for the Giant Templates with Loricles .   They arrived this evening and I had them on the table of my HQ16 within minutes.   There was one slight problem, but a quick email to Michael and it was resolved more than fairly!  Thank you Michael!  I love these templates :-)

The first quilt I loaded was my Turning 50…and if there was a mistake to be made,  I made it.   I’m on serious allergy and pain meds, so probably not the best time to be playing on the machine..but hey…I had to check it out.  

I changed threads, that messed up the tension…pick stuff out, change the bobbin tension.   Then I sewed half of the top row to my leader….stopped everything, had to pick that out and move down on my quilt.   Keep in mind,  I’ve NEVER quilted anything from the back…it’s hard to judge where you’re actually quilting!  

Got past that, got the first row going, realized I had no clue how to line up the next row…..argh!   So…had to THINK about which way the spirals would be going…upside down and backwards from where I was standing.  Then there were 4 embellished blocks on the quilt that I had to watch the quilting on…only had to unpick one boo-boo on a dimensional bow tie.

I think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt at using a template and quilting from the back of Maggie Mae…a sweet HQ16!   I can see I’ll be needing more of these terrific templates!

Oh…the turning 50 swap that the blocks are from…was over 10 years ago…isn’t it about time to put this UFO to rest?  Just needs a binding and we’re done!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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