We’re back – what a trip

Up at 5AM (no,  I”m NOT a morning person) on the road by 6.   Drove to Arlington, met up with Daughter, Stacie and 2 of the Grands…Reed and Adrienne.  From there,  Stacie drove us to Gladewater.   Thank you, Stacie! 

Services were graveside and very nice.  Bro Gage knew June well, so he was able to talk about the real person.   That is always better for the family.   He extolled on her virtues, her Mission work, her dedication to God and family.   

After the services,  we went to Jimmy and Kelly’s beautiful home and visited.  I saw family (and former family) who I hadn’t seen in awhile, neices and nephews who were only babies…now they’re married with families!   Stacie met cousins she didn’t know she had, lol.  Was a real nice visit.  Always hate the circumstances, but enjoy seeing the family.

Clockwise from the left,  Richard, Me (shading the glare off that balding head!), Jerry, Jimmy, Dad, Cindy & Michael.   I’m the one who grew up away from the area and the family.  Gotta love my sibs!  Bunch of clowns.   Wish we lived closer. 

Here’s Ernie, rubbing that troublesome knee and Dad.  They had a nice talk :-)  no telling what words of wisdom they exchanged, lol…probably better I wasn’t there to listen to the conversation!

Jerry and his lovely wife, Becky have a booth at Canton (First Monday) and also go to Round Top selling antiques.   We’re hoping to meet up with them and check out their wears soon.


2 responses to “We’re back – what a trip

  1. Hi!!
    We enjoyed seeing you and the family even under those circumstances. Hope we see you again soon.