The auction was fun

I’m sunburned from being in the sun for  hours, we came home with a nearly new propane grill & a new to us TRACTOR!!!!   This is a 8N Ford…just what Ernie has wanted since we bought the property.  It runs great, but cosmetically, it needs some TLC and a paint job…and of course, he’ll have to buy the attachments… we’re thrilled that he ended up driving it off and for $1000 less than we expected to pay!  A new play toy for Ernie!  He’s excited.  Here he is on crutches…hobbling around then…while I’m standing in line to pay our bill,  I look back to where the tractor was and it’s gone…then I see Ernie tooling along the back fenceline on his new toy…and our friend walking behind carrying the crutches!  I was ready to strangle them both.    

Made a run to Abilene after the auction, while our friends flatbedded the tractor home for us.   Didn’t get all the shopping done, but we’ll make a Walmart run tomorrow for the rest of our needs.  We returned home at 4:45PM,  I ran in and browned my hamburger, added other stuff and ended up with a nice Frito Salad and a tray of cookies to take to the Community Dinner tonight.  We actually made it ON TIME…amazed myself :)  It’s been a really full day and I’m really exhausted.

Thank you to all who have expressed condolences on the death of my Step-Mom. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “The auction was fun

  1. I hate stood at many an auction waiting for “that” certain items to be sold. Most times I just stood around and “made a crowd”! But I have DH trained, he now calls me if he’s at an auction and sees something I might like–LIKE AN OLD SEWING MACHINE! ROFL