Sad news

My Dad emailed last night to say my Step-Mom’s body was shutting down.  This afternoon, he called me to say June had passed away.  

She had Alzheimers…what a nasty, nasty illness.   It robs the afflicted of their memories, families and all the wonderful bits and pieces of their past life.  In the end stages, it robs them of all dignity.   It’s hard to watch a wonderful woman being fed, bathed, dressed like a babe, not recognizing anyone around her…sitting silently with tears running down her face, and trying to talk…and even harder to watch your Dad doing the feeding of his beloved “Bride” with such love and devotion on his face and sadness in his eyes.   This photo was taken in 1991.  June is holding my granddaughters and her great granddaughters ~ Alexandria and Cassie.

June raised 5 great children and was the best helpmate for my Dad…and the sweetest Step-Mom.  We lived too far apart to spend much time together, but one of my fondest childhood memories of time shared with her were the Summer she taught me about canning tomatoes ~ we blew up the pressure cooker on one batch and had to clean the kitchen!  I asked way too many questions ( I was a city gal), and through it all, she showed great patience in explaining all things country to me.   She taught me how to make a mean Frito Salad too!    June made her mark on my life and left a lot of people who will miss her greatly.

Susan ~ Patchkat



9 responses to “Sad news

  1. Susan:
    I am soooo sorry to hear about your loss. Time may heal the loss but the memories will always be with you to keep her close to your heart.
    My condolances go out to you and may God be with you in this time of grief.

    • Susan, I’m grieving with you. My mom passed away in 2007, her mind began to fade in 2002. May Jesus comfort your family in this time of mourning, and always.

    • Thank you Donna. I lost my Mom in 2004…and I still miss her…my step-sibs and Dad will be lost for while. June was the nicest Step-Mom….couldn’t ask for better.

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss! Watching this disease affect family is so hard. She has been released.

    • I know, Janet…for June, I think death was a blessing…something she would’ve welcomed several years earlier if she’d had the opportunity to chose. She will be missed.

      Thank you.