Say a little prayer…

We had friends from NM come in yesterday afternoon to spend the night. Had a big spaghetti dinner with all the trimmings and then played several games of Pinnoechle (Ernie’s absolute most favorite game).     Enjoyable visit.  They left this morning heading east to visit their daughters.

In the middle of our card games, our son called to let us know that our daughter, Laura, was in the hospital.  Seems she was having major stomach pains on Thursday.  They put her in the hospital, ran a slew of tests…ended up doing exploratory surgery late yesterday afternoon.  Removed a 2′ section of intestine that had atrophied…not sure why yet.   If you’re of a praying nature, please say a little prayer for her successful recovery.   Prayer is the most powerful medicine I know.

Ernie is still on crutches.  Every step forward he makes on being able to get around, he seems to take 2 backwards.  Had a miserable night and hurting this morning.  He’ll be checking with his Dr next week on a referral to an orthopedic surgeon.  Let’s get this show on the road…if one is going to be miserable, then let’s do it in recovery time.

The friends aren’t used to having kitties who can’t go outside, so PB took advantage of the open doors while they were here, not once, but twice.  Took me about 15 minutes of searching and chasing her back to the house this morning.  She led me on a merry chase…had Floppsy and Swirl helping me herd her, so she eventually tired and ran back inside.   I was ready to throttle her!  She’s tired now.  Laying on the back of the sofa SMILING!  The nerve…it’s all a game to her.

On a positive note,  I am working on the red crumb blocks….I’ll post a picture later today.   I’m liking what I’m seeing so far ~ and they’re now 6.5″ blocks!

Susan ~ Patchkat 


6 responses to “Say a little prayer…

  1. Prayers for speedy recovery for DD. Hope Ernie gets those knees in dancing form soon. :-)

    • Ernie is scheduled to see the ortho guy on the 29th…who knows when they’ll do anything to actually help him. DD may get to go home tomorrow!