Classic White Bread

Okay….there seems to be an interest in Ernie’s bread adventures.   The recipe he uses is from Betty Crocker’s Cookbook.   This is copyrighted in 1969.   SO  rather than violating copyright I’m giving you the link!   Purist that Ernie is, he’s asked me to include the following….he mixed it by hand, there was no mixer involved, lol…no rolling pin either as he patted it down by hand.   That’s my guy!

I  think it needs a tad bit more salt…and on our next great bread adventure,  we’re going to make cinnamon raisin bread :-) and it will be allll mine!   Ernie doesn’t like raisins!

When the kids lived at home,  we made extra and had “Monkey bread”….that’s where you pull little wads off the dough, dip each in melted butter, then in cinnamon-sugar and cram them into a loaf pan.  Drizzle with more butter, cinnamon-sugar and chopped pecans…bake with the regular bread.   Makes me hungry just writing about it!

Let me know if you try the bread…and if you make your own variations,  I’d love to hear about them too!

Susan ~ Patchkat



One response to “Classic White Bread

  1. thanks for the link – it will be on this weekend’s baking agenda. Tho I shall cheat and use the mixer since my wrists won’t take all that kneading. So not the purist Ernie is but yum, I can taste fresh bread already!