More health issues ~ What a pain!

“what a pair we are”… Ernie is still nursing his knee and being dizzy, having night sweats, muscle weakness, joint pain.  We think it’s one of his pills, so he won’t be taking it for the next few nights to see if things improve.  I’m exhausted and my left hip is giving me fits.   Have no clue.   It just hurts.   Can’t put my sock on as I can’t bend my leg around, lol…what a mess.   I’m thinking a couple of aspirins and bed sounds real good.   “To Kill a Mockingbird” is on the TV and I think I’ll work on a binding till the aspirin starts working.   Might as well do something constructive!  

There was nothing in my design table yesterday as it’s all stacked up next to the machine waiting to be sewn into rows.     I thought I had the red crumb blocks and the scrappy red blocks figured out, but with them being 3″ squares, that means whatever I do will end as an 8″ block.   Not my most favorite to work with.  I’m more a 6.5″ or 9.5″ type gal.    

Also found this really cute red/white children’s print in my stash that would look great with the red blocks.   Then there is a set of embroidered blocks that I bought off of eBay years ago.   These would work up pretty, but there are only 6.     So, for now, it’s back to EQ6 to do a little more playing.  









Susan ~ Patchkat


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