not just for me, but also for the kitties outside.  This is the box setup we have done for the last 3 years for the kitties.  The boxes stack 2 high, are duct taped together, and in bad weather, they’re covered in quilted moving pads and wrapped in plastic tarp to insulate them.  They’re protected from the wind,  have cushioned beds inside that they can nest in…and the boxes face our sliding doors so the kitties can feel we’re guarding them.   The kitties love their boxes.  The black kitty on top is the newest “dumpee”….she’s only about 6 months old.  Wish I could catch her.   A trip to the vet is definitely in order.   Pepi and Floppsy are curled up inside.  They’re toasty warm in the 40°F weather.  If it gets colder, there is another box in the greenhouse with it’s door flush against the little door to the porch. The kitties can get in the box, but not into the greenhouse proper.  We keep the heater in the greenhouse set at 44°F.   That box stays warm even when the temps are below freezing. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


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