Small Change…in bits and pieces!

Told you I was working on orange and yellow (with the occassional blue, pink, red or green) strings from the scrap bin….here’s what I have been doing.  Stitching stuff together, pressing, trimming to 4.5″ x 6.5″ bits.   As you can see, there’s no coordination, no set size.  Just stitch them together and keep on trucking.

The next step…adding 1.5″ x 6.5″ black sashing and stitching them in rows of 8.   Don’t mind Bear.  He loves to test drive all my quilting efforts.

Now, to add the top/bottom sashing strips and start setting rows together.   I have 9 rows and most of the blocks to make a 10th row if needed.   I have 3 rows set together.  I’ll finish this one tomorrow night.   I’ll have another good stashbusting report on Sunday!  Yeah!

Blondie, picked a quilt waiting for squaring up and binding for his evening’s nap.    He even picked one that matches his coat! 

Gotta love these little guys.  Bear tries to take on all the big Toms that roam our yard and Blondie wants every bird he sees.   Neither is very successful in their endeavors.   That’s a good thing.   We’re starting to hear the coyotes singing at sunset.  Kind of eerie!  The skunks are mating…we’re finding them dead on the highway…and little stinky is still hanging around.  She was on the front deck when I opened the door the other evening.   Bear ran out anyway and chased her around the side of the house.  Told you he’ll take on anything!

Susan ~ Patchkat



6 responses to “Small Change…in bits and pieces!

  1. hihi, Chinese coin quilts are the best to use up stuff !. just made ME a batik one with skinny and fat coins. Now Ill have to DO another in a color them like you did !. use it up !

    • Thank you, Thank you, thank you. I’m really liking it as I’m adding more rows. Looking pretty neat.

    • Aren’t they pretty kitties! Bear swishes his tail like it’s a fan…he’s really proud of it.