Yet ANOTHER snow day!

We’ve had about 3″ of snow so far….Some of the local schools shut down, others ran late will close early.  Me…I’m home.  Those bridges will keep me here everytime the weather turns icy.  We still haven’t gotten above freezing and it’s noon. 

I’ve built a fire, watched the birds and played with the kitties.  Ernie’s taking it easy, reading and letting his knee rest.   

 The feeders are covered over in cardinals, titmice, finches, and sparrows.   It’s standing room only and the birdies are having to sit around and wait for their turn.  They’re sure fun to watch.   The kitties are mostly lined up at the sliding doors watching out.  Those that ventured out promptly wanted back inside.  Can’t say I blame them!

Floppsy is the exception.  When I went outside to take photos, he followed me through the snow…every step I took, he was there.  I’m telling you, this guy is part Norwegian Forest Cat.   

He just shakes the snow off!  He’s sure a pretty boy.  He’s strictly outside kitty but he loves to come in for a dish of canned food and a quick brush.

I did snap a few photos outside for posterity.    Let me take you on a quick tour…

The neighbor’s old barn which is a constant source of pleasure for me.  I love to look out and see that aged turquoise barn.  Now without it’s roof,  it’s even more rustic.  The neighbors will be tearing it down in the future to make room for their new view from their remodeled/new house.

If you look through the trees and the snowflakes, you’ll see my other favorite site!  The Burkett Bridge.   My heart soars everytime I make the turn and see this bridge when I come home.  This is the view from our yard!   Looking across our “onion field” (lots of wild onions) to the Bridge which spans the Pecan Bayou.   The Pecan Bayou is the northern most bayou in the USA!   Unfortunately,  it’s probably the driest right now too :(

Here’s our little slice of Heaven…part of the west pasture area! 

Best stoke the fire and get into the sewing room.  Make use of the rest of my day!

Susan ~ Patchkat 


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