What a wild day!!!

I got to work this morning only to find the area carpeted in police, state trooper, DPS and Game Warden vehicles.   Seems we were in the middle of a major drug bust!!!   They had Grand Jury indictments against 45 individuals.  By 11:30AM, they had rounded up and arrested 34.  5 of the out of the housing complex.  By 3:00PM,  they had arrested 4 more.   Good for the law enforcement in our area!   Means work for us as we’ll be doing evictions, but….it’s great to have the drugs gone.   YEAH!   We watched them circling our area all day.   Was quite a show.

The morning started off good.  I looked outside to check the temperature, and the water fountain was lined with Cedar Waxwings!   It’s been 2 years since we’ve seen a good sized flock of these little jewels.   This is a gorgeous crested, masked berry eater!  Photo from Wikipedia.    One year, they were in the backyard for 2 days.  They cleaned most of the berries off of a stand of 6 hackberry trees.  I understand they’re quite partial to fruit tree blooms and freshly set fruits.

The temps stayed in the upper 60s with sunshine today.  I’m hoping it will be the same for the weekend so I can finish planting the onions, rose bushes and day lilies.   It’s been too cold or too wet…and now,  Ernie has a bummed up knee, so I’ll be digging and planting alone.   Here are some of the lily bulbs.   My favorites are the Ice Carnival…bright whites with greenish throats.  Really pretty.   My goal is to eventually have several beds full of lilies, cosmos, daisies and zinnias.


2 responses to “What a wild day!!!

  1. Hi, just checking some past postings and saw the one on the design wall. We used two sheets of 1″ by 4’by 8′ insulating foam. To hang them, my husband cut two pieces of lumber 1×2 by 8″. Then he cut two pieces of lathing strips 8′ long and nailed them to the edge of the first pieces he cut. He nailed the top strip at a little over 8′ and the bottom one at slightly more than 8′. You simply slide the sheets in the space. The overhang of the lathing strip holds the panels in place. I covered the panels in felt that I got on sale for next to nothing. Hope this makes sense and you can visualize my descriptions. If your ceilings are 8′ or under, just trim the panel to fit. good luck!!

    • I think I’m understanding :) Good idea. I was looking at the pink insulation board, but it’s pretty flimsy….I was looking for ease of moving them around. My only major issue is that my sewing room ceiling is sloped. It’s 8′ at one end, but about a foot shorter at the other. (add on room). I’m looking for a “sliding” type set up. (think closet doors) . Your set up would work if I cut both panels to the lowest height…and had a top frame that was level. Will have to think this through! Thanks.