Remember the strings I said I was cutting?

This is a Rocky Road to Kansas that I started blocks for in 2003.   My strings are being used to finish the blocks.

Here’s step 1 – sewing strings together –

Step 2 – cut the two sections, This is where the rotary cutter slipped and I”m now sporting bandaids.   Just a minor nick, enough to remind me of the dangers of the rotary cutter…and to make me thankful that I didn’t cut myself worse.

Step 3 – adding the two green sections to make 1/4 of the block.   I’m using a lot of different “poison” greens.

Step 4 – sew 4 sections together to make a block.  I like these blocks.  Will make a bright kid quilt.

Step 5 – setting the blocks together.   I’ve only got 16  of the 24 blocks I need set together.   I won’t be adding a border to this one.  Just quilting and binding.

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “Remember the strings I said I was cutting?

    • It’s a real easy pattern and a great string/strip user.

      I have only cut myself twice since the rotary cutters came out…and last night, I was trying to watch “The African Queen” (Katherine Hepburn & Humprey Bogart) while I was trimming blocks. That’s one of my favorite movies…and I proved yet again, rotary cutting needs your full attention!