More fan practice! And I don’t mean the type you dance behind :)

This is the third quilt that I’ve practiced quilting the free hand, Baptist Fans.   I’m getting more comfortable with the motions, not necessarily better at making the fans, lol.  I worked these in rows with each row going the opposite direction from the one before.  This was my “quiltathon” accomplishment.

I have one more quilt to play with making fans.   I think after this next one,  I’ll move on to another free handed free motion design. 

Here is a close up of the quilting.  I’m trying to force myself to go much slower and pay attention to my arcs.  They’re nowhere near perfectly spaced and every fan is completely different.  I kind of like the wonky fans as they seem to “fit” the scrappy blocks.

Tonight was our monthly Community Dinner.   There were only 19 people, but the food was good as was the conversation.  I carried a huge pot of spaghetti and a big basket of garlic toast.   Came home with enough spaghetti for a lunch and a baggie of garlic toast!  Oh,  I also made a spice cake.   Brought a little of that home too.  It’ll go good with coffee after dinner tomorrow.

I got to meet our new neighbor.  He farms 3000 acres of tomatoes in Louisiana!  He drives an escort car for the trucks hauling the huge wind generator towers.   Anyhow,  he told the neighbor on the other side and me that if we wanted tomatoes,  he’d bring us each in a batch as soon as the plants start producing!  Said he hauls them 6000lbs at a time to various distribution points.  That’s a lot of tomatoes.   Maybe the dehydrator will get a work out this year!

Susan ~ Patchkat



6 responses to “More fan practice! And I don’t mean the type you dance behind :)

  1. Good for you! I’m too scared to take the first step–not really, I just have a few others to do first. I think they look great.

    • Don’t be afraid, Just load it and start making arcs…I started in the top left corner (I’m left handed) and made the smallest arc, made 3 progressively larger arcs. That put me back at the top edge of the quilt where I could repeat what I did in the first one. It’s fun to make them. I need to redo my side clamps so I can keep the quilt sandwich more uniformly stretched.