Wildlife on the Bayou

this evening, we walked down to the bridge (okay…this photo was taken YESTERDAY) to check on the water level in the Bayou…it’s only up about 2′ from before the rains started.  Anyhow, while we were hanging over the railing,  I could hear this weird noise.  I walked a little further looking for the source cause it sounded like something rubbing on wood or a hog snuffling.   Ernie hollered at me to come to where he was…and there in the water was a beaver!  This is about the 3rd time we’ve actually seen one down here.  We see the evidence often where they’re chewing trees.  Wish I had taken the camera today.

Tonight,  there was a little scuffle on the deck…and here’s why.  The kitties were eating when they were joined by….  a little stinky friend who found the kittens play house.  

He/she explored all inside the little house, then stood in the food bowl…

Sorry the photos are so blurry, but I wasn’t going to get out there with him/her.

Look at this magnificient tail!  Like a huge feather.

Shame they’re so stinky, cause this one is a very small one and really pretty.  I’d love to make a pet of one.



Susan ~ Patchkat 


2 responses to “Wildlife on the Bayou

  1. The tails make you think of regal cats, but the smell, well, that’s NOT what you think of! I ran over a VERY BIG ONE with a VERY SMALL CAR, it rolled around underneath from the front tires to the back tires and all spots in between. I went directly to the car wash and tried to get some of it off underneath, but eventually it just had to wear off. Took six weeks. I wasn’t allowed to park it near the office windows where I worked–if they were open the aroma drifted in!

    • It’s hard to get them off the tires. I’ve hit 2 skunks, 2 birds and an owl since we’ve lived here and I worked nights. That 16 miles home at 11:30PM was not a good drive for me or the critters. No lights except car lights…