Can we say “snow day” ?

Isn’t this gorgeous!  God does good work!!!

I showered, dressed and was packing my lunch when Ernie came in and said it was snowing and the temp had dropped.   Our temps were to continue falling and stay below freezing…and it’s a long, hairy road to work. 

I took a personal day and have spent it quilting and doing some laundry.   We’ve ended up with about 2″ of snow.   I’ve enjoyed watching the birds…at times, there isn’t a bare space on the feeders or the railing. 

I added borders to a top I finished at a retreat in Brownwood.  Threw it on the quilter and practiced more Baptist Fans.  I made these smaller.  They’re still really wonky and I need lots more freehand practice!  It’s okay.  Hopefully, some child will still love it :)   

Need to throw another top on the quilter and see if I can get one more done tonight.  I’m on a roll!!!   This  quilt is 40×60″.   I think the next one is square.  I have a lot of tops waiting in line.


4 responses to “Can we say “snow day” ?

  1. Susan, I love your pics of the birds. I have never seen a cardinal, so, I really appreciate these!

    • Glad you enjoyed the photos. It’s not unusual when the weather is like this to have 20-30 cardinals on the limbs or at the feeders. Our neighbors have blue jays, we don’t. They don’t have cardinals. Weird how the birds find their own place.

  2. Love the quilt! The cardinals in the trees look so bright against the trees they don’t look real. I’ve got a couple pairs of them that are always at the feeders here – always a bright spot on a dull wintery day. As for “stinky” I think he’s one pet you don’t need. LOL

    • You don’t think Stinky would be a good pet? We had 2 when I was a very small child…and Ernie grew up with his own Stinky. All had been descented. I wouldn’t mind having a tiny baby and to hand tame.

      I love the Cardinals. We always have a yard full.