More good things…

1.   Ernie got good results from Dr. visit today.   Another course of antibiotics and the meds for bph…and another visit in 6 months unless he has problems. 

2.  Another 1/2-3/4″ of rain.   The rain gauge cracked in the last freeze, so it’s not real accurate.

3.  I freehanded Baptist Fans on the Corners and Cobblestones quilt. 

It’s pretty pathetic, but you can’t learn a pattern without trying it and practicing.  I’ll be doing several more quilts this week to practice.  

When I finished quilting and unpinned the quilt from the leaders, this is what I found underneath…a sneaky Bear kitty.  The kitties love the quilting machine and table.   I’m extremely happy with the set up too.  This was the first quilt I’ve done since we rearranged the sewing room and set the quilting table up an additional 4″.  There seems to be no vibration and everything runs smoothly.

Guess I better get some black binding made and get on with it!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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