Things I’m thankful for tonight ~

1.  The drizzly rain that’s falling, the 2 + Inches we’ve already recieved, and the additional rain we’re expecting this week. 

2.  Our Pastor’s ministry work in Burkett.   He is a firm believer in visitation and staying in touch with those in need.  He’s a very caring person.

3.  The return home of the studly Swirl kitty. 

He’s a BIG kitty…bet he would weigh in at 17-18 lbs if I dared pick him up!   He’s just now letting me get close enough to run a hand down his back.

We’ve been praying since he disappeared Wednesday evening…and this morning he was sleeping in his normal spot.  He looks unharmed, so I’d say he’s been off exploring and performing his studly duties.   We’re just thankful he’s safely home. 

4.  That the Saints won the Super Bowl!


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