My day is sucks so far :-(

Did I mention how much I detest filing????  Well…I’m going to tell off on myself.

For several years,  I’ve been throwing paperwork in a boot box…well, the pile fell over and I determined it was time to sort, toss and file.   Ernie has been manning the burn barrel and I’ve been sorting.  The photo is deliberately textured to protect the personal info that might be visible.   Let’s just say, this has not been a FUN day.  I’m at the point of putting each pile in order and in it’s proper folder in the file cabinet.  Before long,  I hope to turn my attention to the quilting machine and bet the little Corners and Cobblestones quilt loaded.  That striped box is actually a grocery bag cut down to fit over my favorite FW.

Maybe I can keep up with the paperwork now…I know it will sure be easier to locate things now!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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