It’s raining, it’s pouring

the old man is snoring!  Actually,  Ernie is out of bed :)   Rain is such a big “happening” for us….this is a steady, easy rain.  Looks like we’re to have a whole day of it with a high of 40°.  Perfect.   

I don’t think the kitties are quite so thrilled.   The big studly Tom we’ve been working with is soaked to the bone.  Don’t know where he was, but I bet he stays on the porch today.   There’s no way I’d try to dry him off.

I finished binding my Downey quilt last night.  FINALLY.   Need to get my stash  contribution quilted and bound.   Now to see if I can find the mailing addy.

Duty calls.   Time to head to Coleman for work.  Sometimes a J.O.B. interferes greatly with my fun time.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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