This isn’t what you’d expect…

frosted trees, lines, windshields, some fog….and no snow!   I just had to share.  This was such a beautiful sight that I had to go home for the camera.  Today was a winter wonderland without the snow.  So unusual for us.  This one is a Winged Elm with barb wire running through the branches.

Isn’t this gorgeous!  And it’s just frost.  Look at the bush in the center.  It was pure white.    It’s surrounded by Mesquite.

This one shows a lone Red Oak in front of the Live Oak, Mesquite and Hackberries.  The post is part of the sign for the Oates Patch ranch. 

Then there’s this beautiful Live Oak.  They stay leafy and green year round.  If it was raining,  you’d probably see a cow or two underneath taking shelter.


2 responses to “This isn’t what you’d expect…

    • It was beautiful. Very much a Winter wonderland for the day. I’ve never seen the trees iced over without snow and ice on the ground.