the aftermath ~

Well,  we woke up to rain, it rained most of the morning and produced severe thunderstorms this afternoon…we had sustained wind of about 75-80mph…with sideways rain.  Took the roofs off of several buildings in town, peeled tin off of several more, yanked carports off and took a room off of one house…flattened the storage facilities at the local meat packing plant.   The wind roared…and we’re thinking it was a tornado.   We’re under tornado warning until 10pm unless it’s changed lately.   We’re also supposed to be below freezing in the early AM.   2/3rd of Coleman was without power, many still are tonight.   There were many lines and trees down.  The Brady Power company (Brady, TX) sent a crew to help the Coleman County Coop get the lines back into service. 

Here in Burkett, there was rain, rain and more rain….Ernie said the rain gauge was a little over 1 1/2″ and then there was more rain.   We sure need the rain and it’s great to see STANDING water!   That means the ground is saturated for a few days.  Great for the pecan trees and for keeping fires down.  We’re hoping it was enough rain North of us to as the natives say “make the Bayou come down”. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “the aftermath ~

  1. Your storm sounds like the one we got a week and a half ago. The water in our yard finally sunk in after a week. We really needed the rain too here in drought plagued Arizona.