10 day forecast ?

It’s to be a balmy 51°F tonight…and start raining tomorrow.  That’s great…but it’s what follows that isn’t nice.    See those low 20’s and mid 30’s coming up….here in Burkett, we’re nearly always 10° lower…we sit in a little valley with the Bayou at the bottom.  Keeps us cooler in the Winter and traps the heat in the Summer.    Look at all that potential for rain!!!   I’ll take those cold nights and cooler days just for the much needed rains.   Whatever it takes!   I just need it to stop long enough to get the winter garden crops planted.   I have 3 different kinds of onions to set out as soon as we can get the garden rototilled.  Want to plant some beets, radishes and maybe try spinach this year.   I have a hoop house that I can cover new plants with for future cold weather.   I’m getting excited about a garden!  The gardening books are on the stands, the seed catalogs piling up on my table :)

Susan ~ Patchkat


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