Kitty Fabulous

I finished the center medallion, maybe tomorrow I can get the borders pieced and sewn on.   I love the way it’s looking.  That’s all that’s on my design wall right now!  Actually,  we took my flannel stuff down to move things around in the sewing room, so I’m having to pin things to the wall. 

We’re going to purchase 2 4×8′ sheets of pink building foamboard…We’ll have to cut them down to 7′ tall due to the sloped ceiling.  I’m going to cover them in flannel for my new FOLDING design wall!  The flannel will be the hinge and I’ll do some ribbon ties to keep it folded when needed.    Then I’ll be able to show you my whole design wall! 

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Kitty Fabulous

  1. The center medallion is a great way to use fabrics you can’t bear to cut. I have lots of those. I really like the splash of pink Is this an original pattern?