I’ve been exploring border options

on the Kitty Fabulous wallhanging…. what do you think?     Will it be 1, 2 or 3?  I welcome your comments!

Susan ~ Patchkat



10 responses to “I’ve been exploring border options

  1. Love the scallops on #2, but I really like the two thin dark borders on #1. Combine those with the pattern of two and it’d be *fabulous*!

    Pretty any way you do it though.



    • Auntie Deb,

      I’m sort of partial to #1 as that’s how I originally designed it with the narrow blue border and blue binding. I do like #2’s scallops. I’ll have to go back to EQ and do some editing!

    • BAD Anita,

      #3 is Ernie’s favorite too. I think it needs an outer frame of the blue to balance out that heavy center. Back to the EQ.

    • this is going to be hard….there is no majority on any one of the designs, lol…and I like them all!

    • thanks! I’ve got #1 cut out except for those big triangles…and I like #2 and #3. I just can’t decide which one I want to use to finish the quilt out. I like the shape of #3 best, but the curvyness of #2 calls to me too…maybe I’ll just need to make 2 quilts!

  2. So what have you decided. You must might have to make all of them. :-) That cat fabric is adorable.