Peach Crumble!!!


I cleaned out one of the freezer areas today…and found 2 small bags of fresh peaches from the neighbor’s tree.   Decided to throw together a crumble…that really needed a few more peaches, but it tastes yummy.   It boiled over the sides of my dish…thank Heavens for those cookie sheets I put under everything! 

Did a little mending while waiting on a load of laundry to dry.  I keep a cut down grocery bag over my FW when it’s set up on the dining table.  Of course,  I have to take it off to sew…and of course…where there is a bag or a box, there is one of these…

Bear had curled up in the sack…had his fluffy tail pulled up over his nose.  He also shows the long ear tufts, lonnnnng extremely thick fluffy tail and the double coat like the Norwegian Forest Cat.  He has tufts between his toes too.   I’m wondering who sired him as Floppsy was “neutered” before he came to us.   Oh well.  They’re both sweet boys.

I’ve been working on clearing some of the extra stuff out of my sewing room.  Got the miniatures moved to the guest bedroom closet,  Ernie moved the Christmas decorations to the bunkhouse (that’s temporary till we finish in sewing room).   Now to figure out what I’m going to do with the futon.  It has to stay out there…somewhere.   I need about another 15′ of length in my room!   If I could just convince Ernie to open up the living room and extend my sewing room…wouldn’t life be grand :)  Hey!  A girl can dream.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Peach Crumble!!!

  1. That could have been a picture of our cat Echo in the bag. He’s got that same fluffy tail as Bear. Isn’t it funny how cats immediately find any empty bag or box available? LOL