and the wind blew….

which created a major problem for our volunteer fire fighters this afternoon.  They spent 6 hours on a grass fire in 25-30mph winds.   They finally came in about 7:30pm.  Bunch of tired guys.   I carried some sandwiches and stuff to the firehouse so they could eat while they chilled out.   Hope tomorrow is calm with no fires.  The county slapped the burn ban back on this afternoon.  Finally.

Ernie came into town today and we took WWanda to lunch.  Her birthday is Sunday, so we celebrated a little early.   It’s always good to see her and be able to visit.  Hate it when she has to leave!   We did decide we’re both sick to death of chocolate right now!   Think we made way too much and ate too much at Christmas time!  Nahhhh….tell me it’s not so.

Now to go look at the new beading magazine that WWanda brought me! 

Susan ~ Patchkat


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