What I do for my co-workers :-)

I have a co-worker who is obsessed with Coca-Cola stuff.   She landed about 6yd of fabric and asked could I make her some placemats and napkins.   Well, the placemats were a breeze.  The napkins….let’s not go there.  I did get a set of 4 finished to carry to work tomorrow.  I used some of the scraps and made a set of coasters.  I’m glad this little “job” is done.  Someone teach me to say “NO”!  I used 3 different sewing machines to get these done!

I found the placemat pattern on line…and it was easy to put them together and quilt them on the HQ16.   I may try a set or two as gifts for next Christmas!    For tonight,  I’m DONE.  Don’t even like Coca-Cola!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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