The joy of old bottles

Since we bought this property, we’ve been finding bottles on the land.  There was an old Indian who lived on the hill by the oak tree…and he threw all his garbage out.  There was also a cotton gin on our back 40, so there are a lot of gears, weights and other assorted items out there in addition to the bottles.  Each bottle sends us off down memory lane and we play the wonder what it held game.  Some we’ve identified, quite a few we haven’t.  There are hair oil bottles, perfume, aspirin, little glass creamers…I love them all. 

We’ve found some larger bottles, but the little ones are the ones I love.   These are a few of the bottles we’ve found.  There’s a white cold cream jar, a blue Vicks jar, a vanilla bottle, several medicinal bottles. 

The large bottle in the back is not from here, it’s just a wine bottle I liked and kept from some years back.

When it rains, more bottles come to the surface.  When the wind blows, we find a few more.  Since the cows have been back in the pastures, they’ve mucked around and kicked a few to the surface.  Every walk nets another interesting treasure.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “The joy of old bottles

  1. That sounds so fun! They used to repair log trucks in our barn, so there are lots of bits of mystery metal to be found, but nothing as neat as your bottles.

    • We had rain last night. The wind blew today, but we had a little more rain. Tomorrow afternoon should be good for bottle hunting if the area dries out. The mystery metal bits are being saved. I have great hopes of an outlandish yard sculpture in the future!