All in a days work ~

See those leaning trees in the background.  They’re mesquite trees.  There were two of them basically side by side and all intertwined.   One was dead and rotting, the other nearly dead. 

Here is Ernie “Paul Bunion” and his trusty chain saw.  As you can see,  we got them both cut down. 

And here,  they’re cut into about 8-10′ lengths.  Ernie will have to go back and cut up all the limbs and load it all in the trailer.

and here it is after…slowly but surely,  the back 40 is coming to life!   We’re looking to clean it all up and have it look like a well kept park.  There is a huge oak that is just aching for a bench!

We don’t need dogs around here…we have a whole passel of kitties who follow us around.  Here’s Muckley surveying the downed trees.  

She was joined by Blondie who felt the need to chew on the little branches.  Yesterday, we walked the property looking at the trees and hunting for old bottles (there was a dump area used by the landowners)  We had about 8 kitties with us the whole time.  Nope, we don’t need a dog!


2 responses to “All in a days work ~

  1. Hey – that looks like grass turing green behind Paul Bunyon there! I’m jealous – grass – what does that look like again? I can see the galonized bucket someone abandoned on the hill outside my door which means there’s only about 7″ of snow out there now. I want grass too!!!!

    • You can have grass…about May! We still have Russian Sage, Lavender, Silver Leaf Oregano, Greek Oregano, and Coriander growing. I used fresh Coriander in some burritos the other night! It’s cool to look out there, know it’s below freezing and still have stuff to pick!