Think we need new drapes?

A little shopping trip and some new ideas around the house, lol….I wanted a way to hang up quilts for photos…and I wanted to hang ceiling to floor drapes to make the room look bigger….Ernie moved the drapery hardware and the rod to the ceiling and I hung the existing drapes.   Can we say “hospital curtains”???    Needless to say,  I will be ordering new floor length drapes!  We’re laughing tonight about “high water wading curtains”, lol.  

Ernie did hang the second rod above the door.  It has little rings on it with clips to hang quilts.    Check this out …

won’t this be cool.   Now I can hopefully get good shots of my quilts and quilt tops!  That’s provided I don’t move the camera.  Sorry for the fuzzies.

My Flat Santa gave me a cool set of gold hoop earrings that I love, so I’ve been looking for a set of silver ones.   Found a nice set today :)    That prompted me to straighten out my jewelry rack.   

And…our neighber (the one with the cows) called and asked if we would be home.  He and his sweet wife drove from Lake Brownwood to visit and to feed the cows.  They have to bring in big rolls of hay as the cows have grazed everything down.

They brought us a cooler with T-Bones and venison sausage!   All that and I get to enjoy watching the cows graze our pastures!  

Not only that, but Edna brought me a late Christmas gift…isn’t this lovely!!!  I’ll wear it tomorrow as we all attend the same little church. 

The kitties are all doing fine.  The boys, Blondie and Bear went to the vet to be neutered yesterday and Mitzy went to be spayed.  They were a little wobbly last night, but everyone has an appetite and seems to be doing great tonight.  Now the boys can go out more and maybe they’ll not get in fights.   Mitzy still has another month in the house for her pelvis to finish healing, then we’ll start letting her out again.  I’m ready to have them all out of the house.  Our bed is getting way too crowded!

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Think we need new drapes?

    • Aren’t they a trip? The kitties are loving it as they can sit and look out and we still have the privacy :)

      I can’t take credit for the quilt hanger idea…someone on the Sunshine group had this type setup in her sewing room…between two tall shelf units. I loved it then, been waiting for a place to have my own!