Woohoo!!! Christmas is over in Burkett

The tree is down, the ornaments are boxed, the lights are bagged and all the other decorations, candles, etc…are gone!   I’d run the vacuum, but it would wake Ernie and all the kitties who are sacked out with him :)   hmmmm….nah, I won’t do that!

I’ve finally started reading on “The Gathering Storm”, book 12 of the Wheel of Time series.    We’ve read the first 11 books several times over and I’ve got the whole series on audio books…my favorite iPOD feature!   I listen on my way to-from work most days and they were my constant companions on my trips to-from El Paso…that’s a 1200mile round trip.  Ernie and our Daughter, Laura, have both already finished the book and discussed it greatly.  It will be weeks before I know how this one ends, lol…and another year before we get the next book :(

Robert Jordan, (James Oliver Rigney, Jr.), died September 16, 2007 leaving this series unfinished.   He left behind a legacy of notes and such for his widow and his appointed writer (Brandon Sanderson) to finish the series.    Brandon’s style is a little different from Jordan’s, but that doesn’t diminish the work or the story line.   I believe there will be 2 more books before this series is finally done.   I better get busy reading!

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “Woohoo!!! Christmas is over in Burkett

  1. Wow. I never even got past book 7….Guess I have alot to catch up on.
    I didn’t know he died. And I sure didn’t know it continued that far beyond. I’ve got my Kindal, so Maybe I can go back and start over.

    • I’ve listened to the audio books several times, so the story line is pretty fresh in my mind. Much as I wanted to start the new book, I made myself finish book 11on my iPOD.

      Love ya!

  2. I’ll have to go get the book. Thanks to a dear friend who got me hooked on this series! Of course I retaliated by introducing said friend to Dana Gabaldon…. all’s fair!!

    • Yes, you did….Bad BAD Anita!!!! I have the new Gabaldon too :) Need to get the audios on both to have my complete series.