Norwegian Forest Cats

This is Floppsy.  I’ve been reading up on Norwegian Forest Cats and Maine Coone Cats…Our guy is only about 18 months old, weighs about 12 lbs and is a HUGE cat.  He’s got a thick, thick double coat, ear tufts and toe tufts with almond shaped eyes.   Floppsy is the most laid back cat I’ve ever seen.  You can wool him and he loves it.  He’s an absolute purr box.   He has a huge neck ruff and is just the sweetest guy.   He was a “dump” cat as someone dumped him off here.   After reading the descriptions and looking at all the pictures, I’ve decided he’s of  Norwegian Forest Cat lineage.   He certainly has the temperment and the looks…and the size!  Did I mention he’s already a huge cat?   He won’t reach his full size for another few years!

Susan ~ Patchkat 


8 responses to “Norwegian Forest Cats

    • ummm…bad potty box habits? That’s all we can figure. We’ve been working with him and he’s much better now. Of course, now we don’t really want to rehouse him, but he can’t stay in the house unless we’re with him.

  1. He is gorgeous, but bad potty box habits are hard to live with, aren’t they? Does he spray? Has he been altered? That might help if he’s spraying.

    • Funny you should ask, Tamara…we carried him to the vet about 2 months ago to be nuetered…and the vet called back to say that has already been done! No, he’s not spraying. He doesn’t squat when he urinates. He just walks into the box and stands there. Like his Momma didn’t show him how, lol. Now, when he goes to the boxes, one of us is with him to push his rump down. Sometimes he will do that on his own, but mostly not. He just doesn’t get it!

  2. He’s a lovely cat! I had an old male cat who wouldn’t squat. I took an old, small cat / dog shelter, removed the top and it worked great as a cat box. The sides were high enough to contain the “matter”. It works great for my four furry children.

    • One of our friends bent sheet metal to make a surround about 12″ tall that fit inside the box…only the front edge was open. Her cat did well with that. We just haven’t gotten that far.