Look what I found in my PO Box today!!!!

I participated in a Fall Mini Quilt Swap…and this is the adorable little wallhanging that showed up in my PO Box!    All I can say is “THANK YOU, DENISE!”

When I saw this on your blog,  I made Ernie look at what great work you do…and the creativity.  Told him I wished * I * could have this one….that you had received my name.   And here it is :)  This is so purrfect!   Needless to say,  I’m thrilled!


Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Look what I found in my PO Box today!!!!

  1. Sneaky devil ain’t I. What are the odds out of I think 80-90 participants that I’d end up with you. LOL I did not have to think very hard as to what to put on this one. Just went to EQ to find cat blocks to find a starting point. The original block in EQ is that cat with his paw up towards a ball – delete ball insert falling leaves – tadaaaaa Susan’s “Fall Patchkat”. :-)

    • yeh…you’re a sneaky devil! Comes from harboring critters like sneaky snake for way too long! No matter what, I’m thrilled with the wallhanging!