Still working on the Christmas tree

Isn’t that crazy!   Here it is the 10th of January and I don’t have the tree down yet. 

I finished repacking ornaments tonight.  I boxed things by catagories…star ornaments, santas, colored balls, and the other ornaments.   I have visions of doing next year’s tree in Santas and a few red balls with white lights.   With all the sorting,  we reduced from 5 big totes down to 4.   Have a box of ornaments to donate along with the 2 trees and a mess of lights.   Next year,  I’ll sort and downsize yet again.   I’ve been doing that the last few years.   Someday,  we’ll be down to just a box of special ornaments. We’re all for simplifying before next Christmas.

Thought I’d take a break and fold a load of clothes before I tackle the lights… I only used 3 strands this year!   Shouldn’t take long, then the tree can be shoved back into it’s box and the vacuum can be run.  We’ll finally have our living room back almost to normal.   Yeah!  As much as I love Christmas and all the trappings,  I really HATE taking it all down and packing it up.


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