GG SassyFras ~ My rotten helper

Her name is GG (Garbage Gut) SassyFras…and believe me,  she’s lived up to the GG part!   You can’t be in the kitchen without her. 

Sassy was adopted from a cat adoption agency in El Paso.   She was the last kitten in the cage and I felt sorry for her.    I had just lost my lover kitties and felt the need for a new kitty.   I was hoping for another lover….but Sassy’s a pretty kitty with a rotten disposition.  She loves to wrap around your ankles, get in your lap for pets…and she’s just as likely to bite you as not.   She really is ROTTEN!   She often sleeps on my legs at night, so I guess she’s a little lovey.

I can’t leave my quilting room door open as Sassy loves to get in whatever quilt is loaded on Maggie Mae…leaving great stretched areas due to her weight.   Any quilt loaded on the machine becomes a cat hammock for this gal.   Tonight, she was looking especially sweet and wanted her picture taken.  Think she gets jealous as it’s always the kittens that get their pictures on the blog.


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