Tonight’s mission revamping the sewing room

Last year,  I measured the sewing room and graphed the floor plan.  The room is 26′ x 13.5′ with a bathroom and a little 6 x 7cubby at one end.  There are windows and doors scattered around the space.  It’s a nice room.   One would think I could fit the quilting machine, a huge desk, the futon and several other things in there….

The cubby holds my fabric stash on 2  4′ wide shelf units from Sams, a 4 shelf bookcase and numerous bags, boxes in the corner.  There is a closet back there with quilt batts, other stuff…it’s crammed full.  The bathroom sides up to the cubby as does the door to the basement area.  Kind of congested in the front right corner. The North wall (back of drawing) is windows and little sections of blank wall.  The left side (west wall) has a window and a door to the outside.  The near wall adjoins the kitchen.   There are wallmounted shelves on the kitchen side with my sewing machine collection on them.  

I have drawn, erased, moved, remeasured and redrawn.   I’m cramped for space with  this stuff.   I need to move the futon out…that would help, but there’s nowhere else in the house for it to be.   With it gone, I could move the quilting machine to the west wall area and shift the big desk and still have room for my scrapbooking stuff. This is going to take some serious thought before we start actually moving the furniture.  None of it is light or easily moved, lol.   Ernie is good about helping with this kind of stuff, but his humor only extends so far when it comes to having to move the same furniture multiple times.


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