Insurance woes

It occurs to me tonight that insurance sucks.   We’ve had continuous coverage since 1983 through Ernie’s work.    This coverage is now my secondary insurance as I have a primary coverage through my employment.   Had to wait a  * YEAR * to satisfy their pre-existing condition clause.  

Had a Dr visit in Sept….and here we are in January…the claim still hasn’t been paid, the insurance is still being a pain (pre-existing conditions!!!  AFTER the year wait).   What makes it worse, the company I work for just changed insurance companies…effective Jan 1, 2010.   Enter the NEW insurance company….Blue Cross Blue Sheild.  

So far, what I’ve seen on the web site hasn’t given me warm fuzzy feelings.     I’m ready to kill something at this moment.  I am so fed up with insurance companies and their absolute control over my medical care…..ARGH!   How did we get to this point?  

What happened to my freedom to use the Dr of my choice, the Hospital of my choice and to have my RXs filled whereever I want?     And they’re saying our medical coverage is better???  Better than what?   I could do better as an indigent.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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